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The Northern California Packet Association is a committee of packet special interest representatives and individuals interested in digital communications formed to foster the digital communication modes of amateur radio in northern California. Our goals are:

  Digital Band Plans

  Overall Band Plans

  Station Listings (any packet station maybe registered here)

  NCPA Officers and Members

  Packet Special Interest Groups: BBS, DX Spotting, Emergency Packet, etc.

  Meeting announcements

  How to join

  About that petition to the FCC -- definition of a repeater

  NCPA Downlink (newsletter archives)

  2011 Agreement between NCPA and NARCC (pdf file)

  Other packet links of interest

  NCPA Constitution and Bylaws

  Historical Archives (packet documents from the past)

Questions or comments? Contact Gary Mitchell, WB6YRU,

Last updated: Oct. 2, 2022