NCPA Officers

PresidentLogan Zintsmaster (expired)
Vice President(open)
SecretaryMichael Fox (expired)N6MEFn6mef AT mefox DOT org
TreasurerGary Mitchell (pro tem)

NCPA Staff

Frequency CoordinatorGary
NCPA web siteGary
secondary web siteBill

Note: At the October 2008 meeting (at Pacificon) the membership voted to discontinue the Downlink newsletter. So there is no more editor. However, past Downlink newsletters are available here.

NCPA Members

The NCPA is a committee, regular voting members are like directors, all others advise.
Bill Lewis maintains a list of current members here.

NCPA Members' Remailer

The NCPA meets electronically (internet remailer) most of the time. The goal is to make it easier for people to attend meetings without having to drive a long distance. This also allows the members to deal with issues on a continuous basis instead of having to wait for the next meeting. As with regular face-to-face meetings, the remailer is open to all interested persons. The NCPA remailer address:

One may subscribe to the remailer by sending e-mail to with subscribe ncpa in the message body (subject doesn't matter).


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(last updated: June 5, 2018)