The Northern California Packet Association

The Digital Band Planning & Coordination Group of Northern California

The Northern California Packet Association is a committee of packet special interest representatives and individuals interested in digital communications formed to foster the digital communication modes of amateur radio in northern California. Our goals are:

Packet Roundtable
The NCPA functions as a roundtable for the various packet special interest groups. This provides a forum for working on various problems concerning amateur digital communications and provides a point of contact between these groups and the rest of the amateur community.
Band Planning
The NCPA is the digital band planner in Northern California. We work with other band planners and coordinators to provide a general band plan for the amateur radio community in the region and establish agreements on which segments will be digital. We also establish specific digital usage on the frequency segments allocated to digital.
Through packet special interest groups, we coordinate stations for efficient usage of packet channels. In cases where there are no such packet entities, the NCPA does digital coordination itself as necessary.