The Northern California Packet Association

BBS Coordination Procedure

BBS Coordination

Revision: November 1, 2022

This is the procedure to be followed when joining the full service BBS network as a new Bulletin Board System (BBS) in the Northern California region or if an existing BBS has significantly changed configuration.   The BBS network operates in a cooperative network of systems.   Failure to coordinate with each other will prevent messages from being forwarded properly and cause other forwarding difficulties.

PSNC email list:

The PSNC BBS sysops communicate with each other using the e-mail list psnc(at)n6rme(dot)net.   Only the PSNC BBS sysops in the Northern CA region are on this list.   The list is run by Paul Brown N6RME, p.m.brown(at)arrl(dot)net.

PSNC BBS Coordinator:

Gary Mitchell WB6YRU
e-mail: wb6yru(at)
packet BBS:

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