The Northern California Packet Association

Digital Database


This information was pulled from the database on the old site.
We are currently designing a system where the owners can modify their detail but for now just contact the webmaster to make changes.

Category Node Call Node Alias Frequency Baud Digi Call Digi Alias City County Mailbox
Forwarding N6RME-1 50.6000 1200 Diamond Springs El Dorado N6RME-1
Forwarding N6ZX-4 OSI 50.6000 1200 Woodside San Mateo
Forwarding AG6QO-1 50.6000 1200 Winters Yolo
Forwarding N0ARY-1 50.6000 1200 San Jose Santa Clara N0ARY-1
Forwarding WA6EWV-1 223.6000 1200 South Lake Tahoe El Dorado
Forwarding N6RME-1 223.6000 1200 Diamond Springs El Dorado
Forwarding N0ARY-1 223.6000 1200 San Jose Santa Clara
Forwarding KD6MTU-1 SFMT 223.6000 1200 Redding Shasta KD6MTU