The Northern California Packet Association

Digital Database


This information was pulled from the database on the old site.
We are currently designing a system where the owners can modify their detail but for now just contact the webmaster to make changes.

Category Node Call Node Alias Frequency Baud Digi Call Digi Alias City County Mailbox
APRS K6FGA-1 144.3900 1200 Nevada City Nevada
APRS 144.3900 1200 N6RZR-3 Anderson Shasta N6RZR-14
APRS 144.3900 1200 K6ME-3 Janesville Lassen
APRS 144.3900 1200 W6PKT-5 Willits Mendocino
APRS 144.3900 1200 KE6REA-3 Hamilton Ridge Lassen
APRS 144.3900 1200 KE6NDG-3 Susanville Modoc
APRS KC6SSM-5 144.3900 1200 KC6SSM-4 Kensington Alameda
APRS 144.3900 1200 N6ZX Woodside San Mateo
APRS N6FRG-2 FOWLER 144.3900 1200 WIDE1-1 Angels Camp Calaveras
APRS 144.3900 1200 AE6LA Arnold Calaveras
APRS KG6PFG-10 144.3900 1200 KG6PFG-0 Foresthill Placer
APRS 144.3900 1200 W6CX-3 Mount Diablo Contra Costa
APRS N6SJV-1 144.3900 1200 Lodi San Joaquin
APRS W6SCR-5 144.3900 1200 Mendocino National Forest Glenn
APRS 145.0900 1200 W6YAR YARS01 Mt. Vaca Napa W6YAR-1
APRS 144.390 1200 K6YIL-1 ENGLISH HILL Sebastopol Sonoma