The Northern California Packet Association

Digital Database

Keyboard Only

This information was pulled from the database on the old site.
We are currently designing a system where the owners can modify their detail but for now just contact the webmaster to make changes.

Category Node Call Node Alias Frequency Baud Digi Call Digi Alias City County Mailbox
Keyboard Only K6WLS-4 WLDNOD 144.3700 1200 Woodland Yolo
Keyboard Only AG6QO-4 WINTER 144.3700 1200 Winters Yolo
Keyboard Only QO37 AG6QO-14 144.3700 1200 BERR37 AG6QO-13 Winters Yolo AG6QO-12
Keyboard Only WS8ER 144.9100 1200 WS8ER-1 Forest Hill Placer
Keyboard Only N6SJV-4 BEAR03 145.0300 1200 San Andreas Calaveras
Keyboard Only WA6BAI SJV 145.0300 1200 WA6BAI SJV Park Ridge Tulare
Keyboard Only WA6OSX-2 SAC03 145.0300 1200 Sacramento Sacramento
Keyboard Only N6CDF-5 YUBA03 145.0300 1200 Dobbins Yuba
Keyboard Only N6RZR-5 RDG 145.0500 1200 N6RZR-4 KRDG Anderson Shasta RBOX
Keyboard Only K6LRC-2 ALM 145.0500 1200 Almanor Lassen
Keyboard Only K6LRC-1 LASSEN 145.0500 1200 Janesville Lassen
Keyboard Only K6JAC-4 BERRY 145.0500 1200 K6JAC-6 KBERR Berryessa Yolo BBOX
Keyboard Only KF6DQU-4 PENN 145.0500 1200 Rough and Ready Nevada
Keyboard Only KF6DQU-9 BANNER 145.0500 1200 KF6DQU-3 KBANN Nevada City Nevada JOHN-1
Keyboard Only WG6D-8 CAM05 145.0500 1200 WG6D-7 CAMINO RanchoDel Sol El Dorado CAMINO-1
Keyboard Only N3CKF-5 VOLC 145.0500 1200 N3CKF-7 KVOLC Volcano Amador N3CKF-2
Keyboard Only W6JEX-5 CORN 145.0500 1200 W6JEX-4 KCORN Corning Tehama W6JEX-4
Keyboard Only N6QDY-10 EDH 145.0500 1200 N6QDY-3 KEDH El Dorado Hills El Dorado QDY-1
Keyboard Only W6TUK-4 TUCK 145.0500 1200 W6TUK KTUCK Foster City San Mateo W6TUK-1
Keyboard Only KI6UDZ-7 FCITY 145.0500 1200 KI6UDZ KFCTY Foster City San Mateo KI6UDZ-1
Keyboard Only KF6SYK-2 FOT 145.0500 1200 Fortuna Humboldt
Keyboard Only KF6FPU-5 LIVER 145.0500 1200 NODE KLIVE Livermore Alameda LBOX
Keyboard Only 145.0500 1200 WA6EWV-1 TAH0E South Lake Tahoe El Dorado
Keyboard Only KG6WOO-5 PLUMAS 145.0500 1200 KG6WOO-4 KPLUM Quincy Plumas KG6WOO-1
Keyboard Only WA6TOW-1 PAC 145.0500 1200 WA6TOW-5 KPAC Pacifica San Mateo PACBOX
Keyboard Only K6TUO-5 TUO 145.0500 1200 K6TUO-4 KTUO Jamestown Tuolumne TBBS
Keyboard Only WD6EZC-5 PINOLE 145.0500 1200 WD6EZC CC4CC Pinole Contra Costa WD6EZC-1
Keyboard Only KI6NCU-5 PONDER 145.0500 1200 KI6NCU KPOND Tuolumne Tuolumne KI6NCU-1
Keyboard Only WB6YNM-11 MOC 145.0500 1200 WB6YNM-12 KMOC Bethel Island Contra Costa MBOX
Keyboard Only WB6YNM-3 BETHEL 145.0500 1200 WB6YNM KBETH Bethel Island Contra Costa WB6YNM-1
Keyboard Only 145.0500 1200 KI6SEJ KSCOOT Fremont Alameda KI6SEJ-2
Keyboard Only 145.0500 1200 K6JAC WOOD Woodland Yolo K6JAC-1
Keyboard Only W6HMT-7 AUKUM 145.0500 1200 Mount Aukum El Dorado
Keyboard Only 145.0500 1200 K6QIF Mather Sacramento K6QIF-1
Keyboard Only 145.0500 1200 K6QIF-5 Chico Butte K6QIF-6
Keyboard Only 145.0500 1200 WA6EQQ Merced Merced WA6EQQ-10
Keyboard Only 145.0500 1200 K0OES-10 SOCC Mather Sacramento K0OES-1
Keyboard Only 145.0500 1200 K6QIF-8 Redding Shasta K6QIF-9
Keyboard Only K6IXA-5 BULN 145.0500 1200 K6IXA-7 KBULN Mt. Bullion Mariposa
Keyboard Only N6ZX-5 WBAY 145.0500 1200 N6ZX WOODY Woodside San Mateo N6ZX-1
Keyboard Only W6PKT-10 145.0500 1200 Willits Mendocino
Keyboard Only 145.0500 1200 AA6WK AA6WK-7 Sunnyvale Santa Clara AA6WK-1
Keyboard Only 145.0500 1200 K6FB-1 K6FB-7 Las Cumbres Santa Cruz K6FB-2
Keyboard Only KG6SJT-7 145.0500 1200 Davis Yolo KG6SJT-1
Keyboard Only KG6SJT-10 YCARES 145.0500 1200 KYCARE Davis Yolo ARES
Keyboard Only 145.0500 1200 KE6VUS-3 Paradise Butte
Keyboard Only N6ACK-4 LPRC3 145.0500 1200 N6ACK-3 KLPRC3 Santa Clara Santa Clara LBOX
Keyboard Only KJ6YFY KJ6YFY-1 145.0500 1200 Hayward Alameda KJ6YFY-1
Keyboard Only KI6ZHD-5 SCLARA 145.0500 1200 KI6ZHD SCLARA Santa Clara Santa Clara KI6ZHD-1
Keyboard Only KO6KL-7 SALIDA 145.0500 1200 WIDE Salida Stanislaus KO6KL-2
Keyboard Only KE0DJG-5 BLUFF 145.0500 1200 KE0DJG KBLUFF Red Bluff Tehama KE0DJG-1
Keyboard Only WA7DG-4 ROSE 145.0500 1200 WA7DG-4 ROSE InclineVillage Other State
Keyboard Only NC6J-4 SACNOD 145.0500 1200 Rancho Cordova Sacramento
Keyboard Only 145.0900 1200 W6SJC-2 San Jose Santa Clara