The Northern California Packet Association


Local links of interest
2011 Agreement between NCPA and NARCC (pdf file)
Introduction to Packet article by Larry Kenney WB9LOZ
This is the article that the NCPA once published. It's a good general introduction to packet. Larry was one of the main packet BBS sysop's at the time he wrote this for the packet community.
N6GN's Higher Speed Packet Page
Glen Elmore is a microwave engineer with Hewlett Packard and has done considerable research and development in the field of high-speed (>100kbps) digital radio design. His page contains notes on his results so far and pointers to other related information.
cAVe Rock 100 Wireless Amateur Radio Repeater Resource
Bob Wilkins N6FRI has been involved in UHF frequency coordination in Northern California for many years and has gathered lots of relevant information in his home page.
NARCC (The Northern Amateur Relay Council of California, Inc.)
NARCC is the repeater coordinator for Northern California and works with the NCPA on band plans in the region. (The NCPA and NARCC both cover the same territory, roughly the northern two thirds of California.)
Links outsoide Northern Califonia
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR)
Home Page The ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League)
Callbook Servers
QRZ Home page
FCC Universal Licensing System
Histornical Documents
Western U.S. Digipeater Map on 145.010 MHz, by N7HPR Salt Lake City, Utah, December 10, 1987 (272 kB pdf)
Maps of BBSs, Digipeaters, and Mailboxes in CA, by Larry Kenny, WB9LOZ, August 1, 1987 (1795 kB pdf)